Erna Gunnþórsdóttir “Now World Famous Beautiful Icelandic Model


My name is Erna Gunnthorsdottir – I’m 28 years old and first got recognised by an Icelandic photographer when I was 15 years old. It was clear that my curvy body type would work for men magazines but obviously it had to wait until I was 18 years of age. When I was 18 I started working as a glamour model and was published in Icelandic magazines and got well known here in Iceland for my wild attitude and being sexy I guess. The pressures of this business got to me and I started to starve myself to loose weight. I got out at the age of 21 and went to school – I did not want to have anything to do with modeling at that time. I was not sure what I wanted to learn so I started to do just about everything, studying has always been easy for me and I do well in school. I started going to art school then went to the University of Reykjavik to study engineering but that did not give me the satisfaction or the passion I want to have for my carrier choice. It was not until after I gave birth to my second child that I found out I wanted to become a nurse it sums just about everything (except for history maybe) that I’m interested in. I am now studying for a B.S. degree in nursing and doing modeling on the side

I’ve been in TV commercials, music videos and magazines in Iceland and few European and now USA. I have a dream to be published in playboy and I hope that will come true, at least I will try. I’m strong willed and I go for what I want in live

I have a passion for science history and most aspects of life. Like most women I love chocolate and I exercise a lot.

Erna Gunnþórsdóttir has been featured in many magazines all over the world.