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Technology – Advanced boating technology that breaks barriers and pushes the limits.

At Intrepid, technology never sleeps. It exists in the background of our design considerations and in every facet of production. Technology is of primary importance to us.  In order to maintain our enviable top position in a discriminating customer-driven environment, we’ve demanded the highest standards of ourselves, and we’ve coupled that with an insatiable desire to stay on the cutting-edge on technology.Research and development that confronts real-world challenges.
Intrepid does extensive materials testing and validation. We’re not satisfied to rely upon suppliers to tell us what products we should use to build our boats. We submit materials to burn, stress and impact testing before they ever make it into one of our boats. Intrepid installs cameras/sensors in the hull of completed prototype boats in order to validate and further understand the waterflow, and thus the forces of lift and drag at work. We put design and materials to real-world tests, if they don’t pass, they never come on board with Intrepid.Vacuum Bagging/Resin Infusion. A powerhouse technology that adds muscle not fat.
This helps make our boats lighter, stronger and more fuel efficient. Resin is applied precisely to the core and reinforcement, and then “squeezed out” by drawing a vacuum on a part in a sealed mold.

  • This method creates a best bond between resin, cloth and coring materials. And it establishes great strength and rigidity. You never have to worry about core-laminate bond failure, as on other boats.
  • A precise resin-to-glass ratio, keeps weight down to enhance performance and efficiency.
  • Makes for a seemless look of parts that are “finished on both sides.” Open a cockpit hatch, for instance, and you’ll find its underside is smooth gelcoat –making it easy to keep clean, with no shards or splinters of glass, and a great look that adds to your pride of ownership.
  • Green: This contemporary method minimizes/eliminates VOC’s. It’s a very enviro-friendly method compared to standard build methods.

Fabric Reinforcement: Intrepid uses a variety of cloth in our boats, chosen to meet the different stresses and loads that different parts of the boat must withstand.

Knitted Fabric: The glass fibers that make up the cloths we use aren’t woven together or crimped. This accounts for an approximately 20-percent increase in tensile strength over woven fabrics more commonly used in the industry. The “interweave” or overlapping fibers of woven fabric, which causes the crimping, is never used at Intrepid.

Knitted fabric has a lower profile, and requires less resin to “wet out”, which makes our boats lighter, thereby enhancing performance. This lower profile also creates a smoother finish with less “print-through.” The finished boat looks better, even to the most discriminating eye.

Unidirectional fabric: This is used where the stress direction is well known. At Intrepid,
you can be assured that we have done the stress analysis of our structures to know where and why to apply “uni.” One more thoughtful bit of technology that keeps us ahead of the pack, and one more reason we believe that Intrepid is the best built boat – anywhere.

Kevlar ™Construction: It takes special skill to use this “bullet-proof” cloth and special resins too. But Intrepid has the expertise to deliver Kevlar’s extraordinary strength to your new boat. 

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